You can believe it or not but this blog is more than 10 years already. It was a long journey and within that time lot of things happened. I was thrown od different seas with very different experience gathering on my shoulders. Most of it was in Poland so blog had been written in Polish.

Time is passing by and I’ve currently moved forward. Living now in San Francisco thinking back about reactivating the blog that so much time ago I’ve started. Still that content did not suit new reality. Texts written here were not understandable for local people and knowledge that was shared here was also somehow outdated. I’m in opposite to keep internet one big junkyard so started from myself.

Blog had been moved to English language to be understandable in US and many other countries incl. Poland where young and technical people already knows English pretty well.

Moving old posts did not had bigger sense so those were gone with the wind – I’ll write new history here.

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